Lock Wire Bolts

Threaded fasteners (bolts, screws, etc.) can loosen when exposed to shock, vibration and other dynamic forces. In these situations, a "locking" fastener may be required. A locking fastener is designed to resist loosening and can be externally threaded, such as a screw, or internally threaded, like a nut.

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Lock Wire from Malin Co. Malin Co is the world’s leading supplier of lock wire. Since 1884, Malin has supplied high quality lock wire for aerospace applications, hardware, and industrial wholesale companies. Lock wire is designed to ensure that fasteners are tight and secure.

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Safety Lock Wire is a vital component in countless applications and industries. Nearly everyone has experienced a situation where a nut, bolt, or screw has loosened itself over time (Eyeglasses are a good example most people have dealt with).

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LOCK-WIRE PLIERS and Instructions – TS-121. Lock-wire is a method of securing bolts. Wire is passed through a hole drilled in the bolt head and then twisted and attached to another bolt head or a hole drilled in the piece being bolted. Lock-wire will not prevent the bolt loosening the small amount where residual stress is lost.

Insert one end of the guy wire from the kit into the second. Insert the second half of the cable clamp on top the carriage bolt. Insert the locking washer and nut on top the carriage bolt.