M6 Size in mm

Metric Hex Bolt Diameters and Thread Pitches mm 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220. Head sizes may dier from what is shown due to dierences between metric standards. metric-size-chart-hex-bolt

quick release nut Slide nut to new position ; Release button, and threads engage for tightening ; A GREAT time saver! morton button thread Nuts allow quick fixturing on long thread lengths. Simply press the button and the threads are disengaged to allow easy movement up or down the screw. Release the button and the threads engage for normal turning.

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Dimensions of Metric Hex Nuts ; Metric Hex Nuts ISO 4032; nominal size thread Pitch F G H; Width Across Flats (Wrench Size)

Metric thread size and tolerance calculator was developed to calculate major, minor and pitch diameters of the external (bolt) and internal (nut) metric threads according to ISO 724:1993 standard. In addition to basic size calculations of metric threads, tolerance calculations of different tolerance classes can be done according to ISO 965-1.

The design principles of iso general-purpose metric screw threads ("M" series threads) are defined in international standard ISO 68-1. Each thread is characterized by its major diameter, D (D maj in the diagram), and its pitch, P.ISO metric threads consist of a symmetric V-shaped thread.

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Best Answer: An M6 Bolt or Screw depending what you want to call it will be : 5.80-5.90mm over the outside of the thread depending on the quality of the bolt ( they do vary a little). The thread pitch for a (standard) M6 is 1.0 mm. For a hex head bolt across flats you will need a 10 mm spanner.

normal range of bolt and nut sizes found in plant and machinery. To minimise the risk of a spanner slipping and marring the corners of a fastener, it is good prac se to use ring spanners (or the ring end of a combina on spanner) whenever possible. Size Spanner Allen Key M5 8 mm 4 mm M6 10 mm 5 mm M8 13 mm 6 mm M10 17 mm 8 mm M12 19 mm 10 mm