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Rolled-Collar Sleeve Washers As you tighten your screw, the rolled collar compresses under the head to create an insulating barrier between a screw shank and a mating surface. Electrical-Insulating

xr – 600 Connections: The Kenwood Excelon XR600-6DSP’s connections are all located on one side of the amplifier to give you a clean installation. The power and speaker set screw terminals are adjustable from the top of the amp, behind a removable plate.

WASHERS, SHOULDER WASHERS AND INSULATORS. PRODUCT COMPONENTS CORPORATION is a women owned and operated supplier of screws, nuts, washers, spacers, insulators, pipe plugs, threaded rod, cable ties, balls, x-mas tree clips and other high quality plastic fasteners – in Nylon, PVC, PTFE, Polypropylene, Acetal, Polycarbonate and many other materials!

Nylon Shoulder Washers: Act as Spacers and Guides Strong and Corrosion Resistant.

Shop for shoulder washers from leading manufacturers including Aavid and Switchcraft. Buy in single and bulk quantities. fast shipping available.

Shoulder washers provide electrical insulation when used with metal fasteners. They reduce vibration and also act as a seal or guide.

Shop a large range of nylon shoulder washers at MSC Industrial Supply. MSC Industrial supply is here to support all your metalworking and maintenance repair needs with over 1 million products in stock and ready to ship today!

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Inch size Alumina shoulder washers (also called ceramic hat washers) electrically help to isolate components from one another. For instance, you can isolate.

Keystone offers a large assortment of Nylon and Fibre Flat Washers, Shoulder Washers and Bushings. Flat Washers Flat washers are manufactured in 0.032", 0.047" and 0.062" (0,81mm, 1,19mm and 1,57mm) thicknesses and for clearance holes ranging from #2 through 0.375" screws (M2 through M8).

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Insulating Shoulder Washers RoHS Compliant z40% glass filled polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). zChemically inert [no known solvents under 200C (392F)] zMaximum recommended service temperature of 260C (500F) zRecommended torque is 0.565Nm to 0.678Nm (5 to 6 inch-pounds) on all shoulder washers

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Find the shoulder washer from Grainger that fits your specifications. Also called an insulating washer, this nylon washer offers long-barrel and short-barrel options in a wide range of dimensions that complement different bolt sizes. Insulate screws from mounting surfaces in electrical and electronic applications or use them to reduce vibrations.

Nylon Shoulder Washers are Suitable for a Large Variety of Insulation and Mechanical Applications. They Insulate; Reduce Vibration; Act as Spacers and Guides; Are Strong and Corrosion Resistant; Can be Used as Seal in Some Applications

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