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Titanium tanks not only provide a structurally sound alternative to poly-pro tanks and steel tanks with bonded linings; their life-expectancy is far greater than that of other tanks. Titanium tanks and liners have demonstrated their usefulness especially in chrome plating lines.

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TITAN Fuel Tanks is America’s leading manufacturer of high-capacity aftermarket fuel tanks made of military-grade polymer.

The Titanium Tank Tour is an unofficial MvM advanced-level community tour composed out of 6 missions which are played in 6 different community maps, which can only be played in Potato’s Custom MvM Servers which track your progress and completion rate. You can read more about the Titanium Tank Tour by clicking here.

 · Getting the tank lighter means you need more lead. Potentially, given the strength of Ti, it would be possible to make a super high pressure tank (maybe 10k psi) and that would allow for the possibility of a 100cf tank the size of an al30 that might have favorable bouyancy characteristics, but there aren’t that many 10k psi compressors out there.

The Engineered Products and Solutions segment include fastening systems (titanium, steel, and nickel superalloys. It offers pressure cylinder products such as propane, oxygen and helium tanks, hand.

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These qualities have led to acceptance and growth in the use of Titanium in pressure vessels, reactors, columns, storage tanks as well as heat exchangers and piping systems in sulfuric acid processing as well as the production of urea and other fertilizers. Titanium Pressure Vessels perform robustly in the very harsh fluids inherent these processes.

Hydrazine Propellant Tanks for Satellites and Spacecraft Portfolio of space qualified hydrazine propellant tanks for operation in blow-down or pressure regulated modes. Selection of titanium hydrazine tanks ranging from 58 litre to 177 litre capacity. The 58 litre model is a bladder tank, the others being surface tension tanks.

Tricor Metals is a world leading distributor of titanium mill products like plate, sheet, bar, billet, pipe and forgings. We are also custom fabricators and build process equipment in titanium, tantalum, zirconium, high-nickel alloys, duplex and 300-series stainless steel. Our field repair crews are mobilized globally to weld repair reactive metal equipment.

TiFab manufactures titanium tanks, titanium drums, zirconium tanks & zirconium drums for chemical, petrochemical and pulp & paper industries. Materials of construction include the following: titanium, titanium clad steel, zirconium, zirconium clad steel, hastelloys & inconnels. Contact us today about our tanks & drums!

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